LREC 2000 2nd International Conference on Language Resources & Evaluation

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Keyword Paper Title Paper
WebA Self-Expanding Corpus Based on Newspapers on the Web362
Web ApplicationDesign and Implementation of the Online ILSP Greek Corpus336
Web InterfaceA Web-based Advanced and User Friendly System: The Oslo Corpus of Tagged Norwegian Texts363
Web InterfacesProviding Internet Access to Portuguese Corpora: the AC/DC Project85
Web SearchA Flexible Infrastructure for Large Monolingual Corpora226
Web-Based ConcordanceA Self-Expanding Corpus Based on Newspapers on the Web362
WelshRecruitment Techniques for Minority Language Speech Databases: Some Observations167
Wizard of Oz SimulationMDWOZ: A Wizard of Oz Environment for Dialog Systems Development104
Word AccentLabeling of Prosodic Events in Slovenian Speech Database GOPOLIS292
Word AlignmentCairo: An Alignment Visualization Tool58
Evaluation of Word Alignment Systems137
Word ClusteringAutomatic Extraction of Semantic Similarity of Words from Raw Technical Texts302
Word CombinationsTowards a Strategy for a Representation of Collocations - Extending the Danish PAROLE-lexicon47
Word FormationApplication of WordNet ILR in Czech Word-formation223
Word Formation RulesThe Multi-layer Language Knowledge Base of Chinese NLP29
Word SegmentationThe Multi-layer Language Knowledge Base of Chinese NLP29
Word Segmentation and Part-of-Speech TaggingHua Yu: A Word-segmented and Part-Of-Speech Tagged Chinese Corpus372
Word Sense DisambiguationEnglish Senseval: Report and Results8
Abstraction of the EDR Concept Classification and its Effectiveness in Word Sense Disambiguation75
Tuning Lexicons to New Operational Scenarios330
Using Few Clues Can Compensate the Small Amount of Resources Available for Word Sense Disambiguation350
Word Sense TaggingA Word Sense Disambiguation Method Using Bilingual Corpus15
WordNetIntegrating Subject Field Codes into WordNet219
Application of WordNet ILR in Czech Word-formation223
Evaluation of a Generic Lexical Semantic Resource in Information Extraction259
Word-Sense DisambiguationAn Experiment of Lexical-Semantic Tagging of an Italian Corpus60
World Wide WebTransSearch: A Free Translation Memory on the World Wide Web12
Written CorporaPortuguese Corpora at CLUL72
Written Language ResourcesNL-Translex: Machine Translation for Dutch294