LREC 2000 2nd International Conference on Language Resources & Evaluation

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Keyword Paper Title Paper
Kana-to-Kanji ConversionCollocations as Word Co-ocurrence Restriction Data - An Application to Japanese Word Processor -2
KnowledgeA Step toward Semantic Indexing of an Encyclopedic Corpus161
Terminology in Korea: KORTERM276
Knowledge AcquisitionThe Treatment of Adjectives in SIMPLE: Theoretical Observations366
Knowledge BaseDesign and Construction of Knowledge base for Verb using MRD and Tagged Corpus237
Knowledge ElicitationTowards A Universal Tool For NLP Resource Acquisition28
Knowledge ExtractionDevelopment of Acoustic and Linguistic Resources for Research and Evaluation in Interactive Vocal Information Servers90
Knowledge-Rich NLPSomething Borrowed, Something Blue: Rule-based Combination of POS Taggers158
Korean PronunciationDesign Methodology for Bilingual Pronunciation Dictionary269