LREC 2000 2nd International Conference on Language Resources & Evaluation

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Keyword Paper Title Paper
IdiomCollocations as Word Co-ocurrence Restriction Data - An Application to Japanese Word Processor -2
Implicit RelationsARISTA Generative Lexicon for Compound Greek Medical Terms360
Impulse responseAcoustical Sound Database in Real Environments for Sound Scene Understanding and Hands-Free Speech Recognition356
In-Car Speech DataAnnotation of a Multichannel Noisy Speech Corpus358
InductionTuning Lexicons to New Operational Scenarios330
Industrial Human Language Resource CenterThe Establishment of Motorola's Human Language Data Resource Center: Addressing the Criticality of Language Resources in the Industrial Setting260
Inflectional LanguagesAn Approach to Lexical Development for Inflectional Languages256
Information BaseIntroduction of KIBS (Korean Information Base System) Project239
Information DisseminationRecent Developments within the European Language Resources Association (ELRA)377
Information ExtractionIREX: IR & IE Evaluation Project in Japanese27
LT TTT - A Flexible Tokenisation Tool93
Coreference Annotation: Whither?100
Named Entity Recognition in Greek Texts173
A Flexible Infrastructure for Large Monolingual Corpora226
Minimally Supervised Japanese Named Entity Recognition: Resources and Evaluation258
Evaluation of a Generic Lexical Semantic Resource in Information Extraction259
Annotating Resources for Information Extraction263
Automatically Augmenting Terminological Lexicons from Untagged Text320
Annotating Events and Temporal Information in Newswire Texts321
Information RetrievalA Comparison of Summarization Methods Based on Task-based Evaluation14
IREX: IR & IE Evaluation Project in Japanese27
Extraction of Semantic Clusters for Terminological Information Retrieval from MRDs35
An Architecture for Document Routing in Spanish: Two Language Components, Pre-processor and Parser91
Large, Multilingual, Broadcast News Corpora for Cooperative Research in Topic Detection and Tracking: The TDT-2 and TDT-3 Corpus Efforts210
ARC A3: A Method for Evaluating Term Extracting Tools and/or Semantic Relations between Terms from Corpora247
Information SocietySPEECON - Speech Data for Consumer Devices63
In-situs EvaluationEvaluation of TRANSTYPE, a Computer-aided Translation Typing System: A Comparison of a Theoretical- and a User-oriented Evaluation Procedures34
Integration of NLP ToolsA Proposal for the Integration of NLP Tools using SGML-Tagged Documents68
Interactive Machine TranslationEvaluation of TRANSTYPE, a Computer-aided Translation Typing System: A Comparison of a Theoretical- and a User-oriented Evaluation Procedures34
Inter-Annotator AgreementSemantic Tagging for the Penn Treebank197
Inter-annotator Agreement for a German Newspaper Corpus333
Intercoder ReliabilityOn the Usage of Kappa to Evaluate Agreement on Coding Tasks206
Inter-Judge AgreementEstablishing the Upper Bound and Inter-judge Agreement of a Verb Classification Task233
InternetThe EUDICO Project, Multi Media Annotation over the Internet45
Towards a Standard for Meta-descriptions of Language Resources125
Models of Russian Text/Speech Interactive Databases for Supporting of Scientific, Practical and Cultural Researches185
Live Lexicons and Dynamic Corpora Adapted to the Network Resources for Chinese Spoken Language Processing Applications in an Internet Era214
Design and Implementation of the Online ILSP Greek Corpus336
Intonaion LabelingSpontaneous Speech Corpus of Japanese262
IntonationGREEK ToBI: A System for the Annotation of Greek Speech Corpora7
ISDNSpeechDat-Car Fixed Platform331
ISOMethods and Metrics for the Evaluation of Dictation Systems: a Case Study56
ItalianBuilding a Treebank for Italian: a Data-driven Annotation Schema220
Iterative LearningSemi-automatic Construction of a Tree-annotated Corpus Using an Iterative Learning Statistical Language Model341