LREC 2000 2nd International Conference on Language Resources & Evaluation

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List of all keywords

Keyword Paper Title Paper
Batch DownloadA Self-Expanding Corpus Based on Newspapers on the Web362
BenchmarkDialogue Annotation for Language Systems Evaluation33
Best PracticeA Methodology for Evaluating Spoken Language Dialogue Systems and Their Components135
Bilingual Comparable CorporaDesigning a Tool for Exploiting Bilingual Comparable Corpora20
Bilingual CorporaTransSearch: A Free Translation Memory on the World Wide Web12
Bilingual Corpora ProcessingAutomatic Extraction of English-Chinese Term Lexicons from Noisy Bilingual Corpora208
Bilingual CorpusGrammarless Bracketing in an Aligned Bilingual Corpus164
Bilingual DictionaryA Bilingual Electronic Dictionary for Frame Semantics69
Bilingual Lexicon ExtractionEvaluation of Word Alignment Systems137
Bilingual Pronunciation DictionaryDesign Methodology for Bilingual Pronunciation Dictionary269
Binational PoliciesA Platform for Dutch in Human Language Technologies348
Bi-textual DatabaseTransSearch: A Free Translation Memory on the World Wide Web12
BNC2Morphological Tagging to Resolve Morphological Ambiguities277
Bootstrapping MethodsAutomatically Augmenting Terminological Lexicons from Untagged Text320
Bracketed Corpus (Treebank)Developing Guidelines and Ensuring Consistency for Chinese Text Annotation287