LREC 2000 2nd International Conference on Language Resources & Evaluation

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List of all authors

Author Paper Title Paper
Wacholder NinaEvaluation of Computational Linguistic Techniques for Identifying Significant Topics for Browsing Applications355
Waibel AlexShallow Discourse Genre Annotation in CallHome Spanish228
Walker MarilynEvaluation for Darpa Communicator Spoken Dialogue Systems191
Developing and Testing General Models of Spoken Dialogue System Peformance349
Wallace DorcasLessons Learned from a Task-based Evaluation of Speech-to-Speech Machine Translation215
Warakagoda NaradaThe COST 249 SpeechDat Multilingual Reference Recogniser274
Warmenius KarinAnnotating, Disambiguating & Automatically Extending the Coverage of the Swedish SIMPLE Lexicon84
Warnke VolkerLabeling of Prosodic Events in Slovenian Speech Database GOPOLIS292
Watanabe TaroLessons Learned from a Task-based Evaluation of Speech-to-Speech Machine Translation215
Wayne Charles L.Multilingual Topic Detection and Tracking: Successful Research Enabled by Corpora and Evaluation168
Weilhammer KarlWhat are Transcription Errors and Why are They made?205
The Influence of Scenario Constraints on the Spontaneity of Speech. A Comparison of Dialogue Corpora217
Weischedel RalphAnnotating Resources for Information Extraction263
Werner Jachmann AlexanderThe New Edition of the Natural Language Software Registry (an Initiative of ACL hosted at DFKI)267
White JohnDetermining the Tolerance of Text-handling Tasks for MT Output139
Wilhelm RalphPLEDIT - A New Efficient Tool for Management of Multilingual Pronunciation Lexica and Batchlists53
Wilks YorickSoftware Infrastructure for Language Resources: a Taxonomy of Previous Work and a Requirements Analysis170
Wilson William H.Typographical and Orthographical Spelling Error Correction221
Wise G. BowdenEvaluating Summaries for Multiple Documents in an Interactive Environment163
Witt AndreasEnhancing Speech Corpus Resources with Multiple Lexical Tag Layers183
Wittenburg PeterThe EUDICO Project, Multi Media Annotation over the Internet45
Towards a Standard for Meta-descriptions of Language Resources125
Wittmann LuziaSome Language Resources and Tools for Computational Processing of Portuguese at INESC257
Wolff ChristianA Flexible Infrastructure for Large Monolingual Corpora226
Woszczyna MonikaLessons Learned from a Task-based Evaluation of Speech-to-Speech Machine Translation215
Wu ZhibiaoTranscribing with Annotation Graphs192
Wynsberghe DominiqueEULER: an Open, Generic, Multilingual and Multi-platform Text-to-Speech System41