LREC 2000 2nd International Conference on Language Resources & Evaluation

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List of all authors

Author Paper Title Paper
Vacalopoulou AnnaDesign and Implementation of the Online ILSP Greek Corpus336
Vainio MarttiObject-oriented Access to the Estonian Phonetic Database128
Vaissière JacquelineA French Phonetic Lexicon with Variants for Speech and Language Processing133
Valle LizaShallow Discourse Genre Annotation in CallHome Spanish228
van Deemter KeesCoreference Annotation: Whither?100
van den Bosch AntalIntegrating Seed Names and ngrams for a Named Entity List and Classifier141
van den Heuvel HenkSALA: SpeechDat across Latin America. Results of the First Phase10
SLR Validation: Present State of Affairs and Prospects39
Van Eynde FrankPart of Speech Tagging and Lemmatisation for the Spoken Dutch Corpus216
Van Hoorde JohanNL-Translex: Machine Translation for Dutch294
Váradi TamásLexical and Translation Equivalence in Parallel Corpora122
Principled Hidden Tagset Design for Tiered Tagging of Hungarian249
Vassallo DanielaBuilding a Treebank for Italian: a Data-driven Annotation Schema220
Vaufreydaz D.A New Methodology for Speech Corpora Definition from Internet Documents235
Velardi PaolaWill Very Large Corpora Play For Semantic Disambiguation The Role That Massive Computing Power Is Playing For Other AI-Hard Problems?76
Veloso RitaSpoken Portuguese: Geographic and Social Varieties71
Verdejo FelisaEvaluating Wordnets in Cross-language Information Retrieval: the ITEM Search Engine250
Vetulani ZygmuntElectronic Language Resources for Polish: POLEX, CEGLEX and GRAMLEX62
Vignaux GeorgesThe PAROLE Program315
Viks ÜlleTools for the Generation of Morphological Entries in Dictionaries338
Villaneau JeanneObtaining Predictive Results with an Objective Evaluation of Spoken Dialogue Systems: Experiments with the DCR Assessment Paradigm36
Villegas MartaSIMPLE: A General Framework for the Development of Multilingual Lexicons61
Multilingual Linguistic Resources: From Monolingual Lexicons to Bilingual Interrelated Lexicons96
Vindigni MicheleTuning Lexicons to New Operational Scenarios330
Vivaldi JordiUse of Greek and Latin Forms for Term Detection55
Some Technical Aspects about Aligning Near Languages186
Vlaj DamjanPLEDIT - A New Efficient Tool for Management of Multilingual Pronunciation Lexica and Batchlists53
Volk MartinEvaluating Translation Quality as Input to Product Development136
Voorhees Ellen M.The TREC-8 Question Answering Track26