LREC 2000 2nd International Conference on Language Resources & Evaluation

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Author Paper Title Paper
Macklovitch ElliottTransSearch: A Free Translation Memory on the World Wide Web12
Evaluation of TRANSTYPE, a Computer-aided Translation Typing System: A Comparison of a Theoretical- and a User-oriented Evaluation Procedures34
Macleod CatherineThe American National Corpus: A Standardized Resource for American English196
Maekawa KikuoSpontaneous Speech Corpus of Japanese262
Magnini BernardoItalWordNet: a Large Semantic Database for Italian129
Integrating Subject Field Codes into WordNet219
Maier ElisabethTerms Specification and Extraction within a Linguistic-based Intranet Service17
Maiorano Steven J.Acquisition of Linguistic Patterns for Knowledge-based Information Extraction347
Malagardi IoannaARISTA Generative Lexicon for Compound Greek Medical Terms360
Malfrère FabriceEULER: an Open, Generic, Multilingual and Multi-platform Text-to-Speech System41
Manabu OkumuraA Comparison of Summarization Methods Based on Task-based Evaluation14
Mance AudreyFor a Repository of NLP Tools316
Recent Developments within the European Language Resources Association (ELRA)377
Mani InderjeetHow to Evaluate Your Question Answering System Every Day ... and Still Get Real Work Done203
Mantzari ElenaAutomatic Generation of Dictionary Definitions from a Computational Lexicon306
Design and Implementation of the Online ILSP Greek Corpus336
Maosong SunHua Yu: A Word-segmented and Part-Of-Speech Tagged Chinese Corpus372
Mapelli ValérieFor a Repository of NLP Tools316
Recent Developments within the European Language Resources Association (ELRA)377
Marasek KrzysztofSPEECON - Speech Data for Consumer Devices63
Marciniak MalgorzataAn HPSG-Annotated Test Suite for Polish272
Marcus MitchDeveloping Guidelines and Ensuring Consistency for Chinese Text Annotation287
Maritxalar A.A Word-level Morphosyntactic Analyzer for Basque44
A Proposal for the Integration of NLP Tools using SGML-Tagged Documents68
Markantonatou StellaAutomatic Style Categorisation of Corpora in the Greek Language301
Martens Jean-PierreOrthographic Transcription of the Spoken Dutch Corpus87
Martey NiiLarge, Multilingual, Broadcast News Corpora for Cooperative Research in Topic Detection and Tracking: The TDT-2 and TDT-3 Corpus Efforts210
Quality Control in Large Annotation Projects Involving Multiple Judges: The Case of the TDT Corpora212
Martin AlvinDesign Issues in Text-Independent Speaker Recognition Evaluation286
Mason John S.Recruitment Techniques for Minority Language Speech Databases: Some Observations167
Mason MarilynIssues from Corpus Analysis that have influenced the On-going Development of Various Haitian Creole Text- and Speech-based NLP Systems and Applications342
Matassoni M.Annotation of a Multichannel Noisy Speech Corpus358
Matheson ColinLT TTT - A Flexible Tokenisation Tool93
Matsumoto YujiUsing Machine Learning Methods to Improve Quality of Tagged Corpora and Learning Models211
Matthiesen MartinAn Optimised FS Pronunciation Resource Generator for Highly Inflecting Languages251
Maynard DianaCreating and Using Domain-specific Ontologies for Terminological Applications22
McEnery TonyCorpus Resources and Minority Language Engineering187
McFetridge PaulAn Approach to Lexical Development for Inflectional Languages256
McKelvie DavidThe MATE Workbench Annotation Tool, a Technical Description166
McNaught JohnExtraction of Semantic Clusters for Terminological Information Retrieval from MRDs35
A Semi-automatic System for Conceptual Annotation, its Application to Resource Construction and Evaluation165
Meister EinarObject-oriented Access to the Estonian Phonetic Database128
Melby Alan K.Accessibility of Multilingual Terminological Resources - Current Problems and Prospects for the Future283
Mellish ChrisEnabling Resource Sharing in Language Generation: an Abstract Reference Architecture244
Mengel AndreasAn XML-based Representation Format for Syntactically Annotated Corpora59
The MATE Workbench Annotation Tool, a Technical Description166
Menzel WolfgangThe ISLE Corpus of Non-Native Spoken English313
Merkel MagnusEvaluation of Word Alignment Systems137
Merlo PaolaEstablishing the Upper Bound and Inter-judge Agreement of a Verb Classification Task233
Micca GiorgioSALA: SpeechDat across Latin America. Results of the First Phase10
Cross-lingual Interpolation of Speech Recognition Models147
Michel ChristineCardinal, Nominal or Ordinal Similarity Measures in Comparative Evaluation of Information Retrieval Process367
Mihelič FranceCorpora of Slovene Spoken Language for Multi-lingual Applications288
Labeling of Prosodic Events in Slovenian Speech Database GOPOLIS292
Mikheev AndreiLT TTT - A Flexible Tokenisation Tool93
Mikros GeorgeModern Greek Corpus Taxonomy351
Milde Jan-TorstenThe Universal XML Organizer: UXO253
Mills JonScreffva: A Lexicographer's Workbench159
Min KyonghoTypographical and Orthographical Spelling Error Correction221
Minematsu NobuakiIPA Japanese Dictation Free Software Project261
Mitkov RuslanTowards More Comprehensive Evaluation in Anaphora Resolution115
Moens MarcLT TTT - A Flexible Tokenisation Tool93
Møller Morten BaunAnnotating Communication Problems Using the MATE Workbench134
The MATE Workbench Annotation Tool, a Technical Description166
Monachini MonicaSIMPLE: A General Framework for the Development of Multilingual Lexicons61
Monaghan AlexThe Cost258 Signal Generation Test Array1
Montemagni SimonettaWhere Opposites Meet. A Syntactic Meta-scheme for Corpus Annotation and Parsing Evaluation98
Controlled Bootstrapping of Lexico-semantic Classes as a Bridge between Paradigmatic and Syntagmatic Knowledge: Methodology and Evaluation99
Moon Yoo-JinTypographical and Orthographical Spelling Error Correction221
Moreno AntonioA Treebank of Spanish and its Application to Parsing66
Reusing the Mikrokosmos Ontology for Concept-based Multilingual Terminology Databases74
Moreno AsunciónSALA: SpeechDat across Latin America. Results of the First Phase10
SpeechDat-Car Fixed Platform331
NaniTrans: a Speech Labelling Tool345
SPEECHDAT-CAR. A Large Speech Database for Automotive Environments373
Moretti LorenzoReusability as Easy Adaptability: A Substantial Advance in NL Technology298
Morton RachelThe ISLE Corpus of Non-Native Spoken English313
Mouradi A.Etude et Evaluation de la Di-Syllabe comme Unité Acoustique pour le Système de Synthèse Arabe PARADIS32
Moyal AmiCreation of Spoken Hebrew Databases52
Municio Ángel MartínLanguage Resources Development at the Spanish Royal Academy297
Munteanu CosminMDWOZ: A Wizard of Oz Environment for Dialog Systems Development104
Mykowiecka AgnieszkaAn HPSG-Annotated Test Suite for Polish272