LREC 2000 2nd International Conference on Language Resources & Evaluation

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Author Paper Title Paper
Jahr Michael E.Cairo: An Alignment Visualization Tool58
Jekat Susanne J.End-to-End Evaluation of Machine Interpretation Systems: A Graphical Evaluation Tool67
Jie ZhengA Word Sense Disambiguation Method Using Bilingual Corpus15
Jmaiel MohamedUsing a Formal Approach to Evaluate Grammars285
Johannessen Janne BondiA Web-based Advanced and User Friendly System: The Oslo Corpus of Tagged Norwegian Texts363
Johansen Finn ToreThe COST 249 SpeechDat Multilingual Reference Recogniser274
Jones Rhys JamesRecruitment Techniques for Minority Language Speech Databases: Some Observations167
Jouis ChristopheARC A3: A Method for Evaluating Term Extracting Tools and/or Semantic Relations between Terms from Corpora247
Junfeng HuThe Multi-layer Language Knowledge Base of Chinese NLP29