LREC 2000 2nd International Conference on Language Resources & Evaluation

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List of all authors

Author Paper Title Paper
Ide NancyXCES: An XML-based Encoding Standard for Linguistic Corpora172
The American National Corpus: A Standardized Resource for American English196
The Concede Model for Lexical Databases335
Ikeya MasanoriExtraction of Unknown Words Using the Probability of Accepting the Kanji Character Sequence as One Word79
Illouz GabrielSublanguage Dependent Evaluation: Toward Predicting NLP performances252
TyPTex: Inductive Typological Text Classification by Multivariate Statistical Analysis for NLP Systems Tuning/Evaluation254
Inkelas SharonTurkish Electronic Living Lexicon (TELL): A Lexical Database86
Isahara HitoshiIREX: IR & IE Evaluation Project in Japanese27
Spontaneous Speech Corpus of Japanese262
Isard AmyThe MATE Workbench Annotation Tool, a Technical Description166
Ishikawa TetsuyaA Novelty-based Evaluation Method for Information Retrieval113
Itahashi ShuichiGuidelines for Japanese Speech Synthesizer Evaluation77
Itou AkinoriIPA Japanese Dictation Free Software Project261
Itou KatsunobuIPA Japanese Dictation Free Software Project261
Ivanov RosenAutomatic Speech Segmentation in High Noise Condition80