LREC 2000 2nd International Conference on Language Resources & Evaluation

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List of all authors

Author Paper Title Paper
Economou ConstandinaLEXIPLOIGISSI: An Educational Platform for the Teaching of Terminology in Greece271
Eek ArvoObject-oriented Access to the Estonian Phonetic Database128
Efthimiou EleniTerminology Encoding in View of Multifunctional NLP Resources275
Egea ÀngelsA Strategy for the Syntactic Parsing of Corpora: from Constraint Grammar Output to Unification-based Processing111
El-Bèze MarcUsing Few Clues Can Compensate the Small Amount of Resources Available for Word Sense Disambiguation350
Elenius KjellThe COST 249 SpeechDat Multilingual Reference Recogniser274
Erjavec TomažMorphosyntactic Tagging of Slovene: Evaluating Taggers and Tagsets146
Corpora of Slovene Spoken Language for Multi-lingual Applications288
The Concede Model for Lexical Databases335
Estopà RosaUse of Greek and Latin Forms for Term Detection55
Euler StephanSPEECHDAT-CAR. A Large Speech Database for Automotive Environments373
Evans David K.Evaluation of Computational Linguistic Techniques for Identifying Significant Topics for Browsing Applications355
Evans RogerEnabling Resource Sharing in Language Generation: an Abstract Reference Architecture244
The Concede Model for Lexical Databases335
Ezeiza N.A Proposal for the Integration of NLP Tools using SGML-Tagged Documents68