LREC 2000 2nd International Conference on Language Resources & Evaluation

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List of all authors

Author Paper Title Paper
Daelemans WalterBootstrapping a Tagged Corpus through Combination of Existing Heterogeneous Taggers155
Part of Speech Tagging and Lemmatisation for the Spoken Dutch Corpus216
Dal GeorgetteGéDériF: Automatic Generation and Analysis of Morphologically Constructed Lexical Resources279
d'Alessandro ChristopheA French Phonetic Lexicon with Variants for Speech and Language Processing133
Damianos Laurie E.Evaluating Multi-party Multi-modal Systems368
Day DavidATLAS: A Flexible and Extensible Architecture for Linguistic Annotation184
A Framework for Cross-Document Annotation201
De Calmès MartineMHATLex: Lexical Resources for Modelling the French Pronunciation37
Dialogue and Prompting Strategies Evaluation in the DEMON System38
de Ilarraza A. Díaz A Proposal for the Integration of NLP Tools using SGML-Tagged Documents68
De la Torre A.Evaluation of a Dialogue System Based on a Generic Model that Combines Robust Speech Understanding and Mixed-initiative Control101
de Loupy ClaudeUsing Few Clues Can Compensate the Small Amount of Resources Available for Word Sense Disambiguation350
de Mareüil Philippe BoulaA French Phonetic Lexicon with Variants for Speech and Language Processing133
de Yzaguirre LluísSome Technical Aspects about Aligning Near Languages186
Declerck ThierryThe New Edition of the Natural Language Software Registry (an Initiative of ACL hosted at DFKI)267
Déjean HervéHow To Evaluate and Compare Tagsets? A Proposal138
Delmonte RodolfoShallow Parsing and Functional Structure in Italian Corpora82
Demetriou GeorgeAutomatically Augmenting Terminological Lexicons from Untagged Text320
Using Lexical Semantic Knowledge from Machine Readable Dictionaries for Domain Independent Language Modelling 357
Demiros IasonNamed Entity Recognition in Greek Texts173
Design and Implementation of the Online ILSP Greek Corpus336
Devillers L.Predictive Performance of Dialog Systems303
Dewallef ErwinA Platform for Dutch in Human Language Technologies348
D'Halleweyn ElisabethNL-Translex: Machine Translation for Dutch294
A Platform for Dutch in Human Language Technologies348
Di Benedetto Maria GabriellaCross-lingual Interpolation of Speech Recognition Models147
Di Eugenio BarbaraOn the Usage of Kappa to Evaluate Agreement on Coding Tasks206
Diaz Verdejo J.E.Evaluation of a Dialogue System Based on a Generic Model that Combines Robust Speech Understanding and Mixed-initiative Control101
Dienes PéterPrincipled Hidden Tagset Design for Tiered Tagging of Hungarian249
Dimitriadis DimitrisPerceptual Evaluation of Text-to-Speech Implementation of Enclitic Stress in Greek48
Dobrišek SimonCorpora of Slovene Spoken Language for Multi-lingual Applications288
Dologlou IoannisPerceptual Evaluation of a New Subband Low Bit Rate Speech Compression System based on Waveform Vector Quantization and SVD Postfiltering16
Doran ChristyEnabling Resource Sharing in Language Generation: an Abstract Reference Architecture244
Dorr Bonnie J.Chinese-English Semantic Resource Construction327
Doyon JenniferDetermining the Tolerance of Text-handling Tasks for MT Output139
Draxler ChristophSPEECHDAT-CAR. A Large Speech Database for Automotive Environments373
Drury JillEvaluating Multi-party Multi-modal Systems368
du Preez J.A.Developing a Multilingual Telephone Based Information System in African Languages329
Dutoit DominiqueA Text->Meaning->Text Dictionary and Process132
Dutoit ThierryEULER: an Open, Generic, Multilingual and Multi-platform Text-to-Speech System41
Dybkjær LailaAnnotating Communication Problems Using the MATE Workbench134
A Methodology for Evaluating Spoken Language Dialogue Systems and Their Components135
Džeroski SašoMorphosyntactic Tagging of Slovene: Evaluating Taggers and Tagsets146