LREC 2000 2nd International Conference on Language Resources & Evaluation

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List of all authors

Author Paper Title Paper
Cabré M. TeresaUse of Greek and Latin Forms for Term Detection55
Some Technical Aspects about Aligning Near Languages186
Cadel PeggyExtraction of Concepts and Multilingual Information Schemes from French and English Economics Documents202
Caelen JeanObtaining Predictive Results with an Objective Evaluation of Spoken Dialogue Systems: Experiments with the DCR Assessment Paradigm36
Cahill LynneEnabling Resource Sharing in Language Generation: an Abstract Reference Architecture244
Calder JoInterarbora and Thistle - Delivering Linguistic Structure by the Internet319
Calzolari NicolettaAn Experiment of Lexical-Semantic Tagging of an Italian Corpus60
SIMPLE: A General Framework for the Development of Multilingual Lexicons61
Multilingual Linguistic Resources: From Monolingual Lexicons to Bilingual Interrelated Lexicons96
ItalWordNet: a Large Semantic Database for Italian129
Campbell NickCOCOSDA - a Progress Report364
Canelli MariaMethods and Metrics for the Evaluation of Dictation Systems: a Case Study56
Cappelli AmedeoReusability as Easy Adaptability: A Substantial Advance in NL Technology298
Carayannis GeorgePerceptual Evaluation of a New Subband Low Bit Rate Speech Compression System based on Waveform Vector Quantization and SVD Postfiltering16
Perceptual Evaluation of Text-to-Speech Implementation of Enclitic Stress in Greek48
Automatic Style Categorisation of Corpora in the Greek Language301
Design and Implementation of the Online ILSP Greek Corpus336
Modern Greek Corpus Taxonomy351
Cavaglià GabrielaIntegrating Subject Field Codes into WordNet219
Cederholm YvonneThe Bank of Swedish300
Cha JeongwonPOSCAT: A Morpheme-based Speech Corpus Annotation Tool224
Chae Young-SoogDesign and Construction of Knowledge base for Verb using MRD and Tagged Corpus237
Introduction of KIBS (Korean Information Base System) Project239
Terminology in Korea: KORTERM276
Changning HuangHua Yu: A Word-segmented and Part-Of-Speech Tagged Chinese Corpus372
Chappelier Jean-CédricDevelopment of Acoustic and Linguistic Resources for Research and Evaluation in Interactive Vocal Information Servers90
Charfuelán MarcelaDialogue Annotation for Language Systems Evaluation33
Chaudiron StéphaneFor a Repository of NLP Tools316
Chenfour N.Etude et Evaluation de la Di-Syllabe comme Unité Acoustique pour le Système de Synthèse Arabe PARADIS32
Chien Lee-FengLive Lexicons and Dynamic Corpora Adapted to the Network Resources for Chinese Spoken Language Processing Applications in an Internet Era214
Chiou Fu-DongDeveloping Guidelines and Ensuring Consistency for Chinese Text Annotation287
Choi Key-SunAutomatic Transliteration and Back-transliteration by Decision Tree Learning227
Design and Construction of Knowledge base for Verb using MRD and Tagged Corpus237
Introduction of KIBS (Korean Information Base System) Project239
Terminology in Korea: KORTERM276
Choukri KhalidSLR Validation: Present State of Affairs and Prospects39
For a Repository of NLP Tools316
Survey of Language Engineering Needs: a Language Resources Perspective317
SPEECHDAT-CAR. A Large Speech Database for Automotive Environments373
Recent Developments within the European Language Resources Association (ELRA)377
Cieri ChristopherIssues in Corpus Creation and Distribution: The Evolution of the Linguistic Data Consortium209
Large, Multilingual, Broadcast News Corpora for Cooperative Research in Topic Detection and Tracking: The TDT-2 and TDT-3 Corpus Efforts210
Quality Control in Large Annotation Projects Involving Multiple Judges: The Case of the TDT Corpora212
Cignoni LauraAddizionario: an Interactive Hypermedia Tool for Language Learning374
Clément LionelBuilding a Treebank for French230
Coletti PaoloDevelopment and Evaluation of an Italian Broadcast News Corpus95
Comeyne RobrechtSALA: SpeechDat across Latin America. Results of the First Phase10
Copestake AnnAn Open Source Grammar Development Environment and Broad-coverage English Grammar Using HPSG371
Corazzari OrnellaAn Experiment of Lexical-Semantic Tagging of an Italian Corpus60
Cristoforetti L.Annotation of a Multichannel Noisy Speech Corpus358
Crysmann BertholdLooking for Errors: A Declarative Formalism for Resource-adaptive Language Checking299
Crystal Michael R.Annotating Resources for Information Extraction263
Cucchiarelli AlessandroWill Very Large Corpora Play For Semantic Disambiguation The Role That Massive Computing Power Is Playing For Other AI-Hard Problems?76
Cucchiarini CatiaNL-Translex: Machine Translation for Dutch294
Cunnigham HamishSoftware Infrastructure for Language Resources: a Taxonomy of Previous Work and a Requirements Analysis170