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The International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation is organised by ELRA biennially with the support of institutions and organisations involved in HLT.

LREC Conferences bring together a large number of people working and interested in HLT.

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LREC 2018

The Eleventh edition of LREC will take place in Miyazaki (Japan) on May 7-12, 2018.



LREC 2016

The Tenth edition of LREC was organized in Portoro¸ (Slovenia) on May 23-28, 2016 and brought together 1200+ participants from all over the world.
LREC 2016 Proceedings



LREC 2014

The Ninth edition of LREC was organized in Reykjavik (Iceland) on May 26-31, 2014 and brought together 1200+ participants from all over the world.
LREC 2014 Proceedings



LREC 2012

The Eighth edition of LREC was organized in Istanbul (Turkey) on May 21-27, 2012 and brought together more than 1200 participants from all over the world..
LREC 2012 Proceedings


LREC 2010

The Seventh edition of LREC was organized in Valletta (Malta) on May 17-23, 2010. 1246 participants attended the Main conference, the pre- and post-conference workshops and tutorials.
LREC 2010 Proceedings


LREC 2008

In 2008, in Marrakech (Morocco), more than 1100 participants coming from 57 countries attended the main conference, 25 workshops and 6 tutorials. 650 papers were presented though oral and poster sessions.
LREC 2008 Proceedings


LREC 2006

In 2006, in Genoa (Italy),around 800 participants attended the main conference sessions, some of the workshops and tutorials. 44 countries were represented, most participants coming from Europe . Over 600 participants registered to the pre- and post-conference workshops and tutorials. 540 papers were presented through the oral and poster sessions. 18 satellite workshops and 3 tutorials were organized.
LREC 2006 Proceedings


LREC 2004

In 2004, in Lisbon (Portugal), the number of participants increased significantly, from 730 to around 950. Simultaneously, the conference programme got even richer and more various, with over 500 oral and poster papers presented, and 18 satellite workshops.
LREC 2004 Proceedings


LREC 2002

In 2002, Las Palmas (Spain) welcomed our conference and during the 3 days of the main conference, 365 papers were presented, out of 460 papers submitted on the whole. As for the pre- and post-conference workshops, 18 were organised, which cover various areas of HLT. These figures show the growing interest of the community in the LREC event. The number of registered participants increased from about 600 to over 730.
LREC 2002 Proceedings


LREC 2000

In 2000, on May 30-June 2, the conference was held in Athens (Greece) and the number of papers submitted to this 2nd editionin of the Language Resources and Evaluation Conference (LREC 2000) highlighted that LREC was becoming a major event in the overall area of HLT. 281 papers were presented in 30 sessions throughout the 3 days of the conference. In order to better plan for the delivery of the presentations, the programme committee placed 129 papers in oral sessions and 152 papers in poster sessions, taking into consideration the adequacy of the presentations to the oral versus poster communication mode. Selection criteria for oral and poster presentations were identical to those of the first LREC.
LREC 2000 Proceedings


LREC 1998

The first Language Resources and Evaluation Conference (LREC) took place in Granada (Spain) on May 28-30 1998 and attracted more participants than the programme committee ever imagined: over 510 attendees from 325 organisations in 38 countries. The number of accepted papers (about 200) illustrated the large number of issues that were handled in the field. It also proved the significant need to communicate on work carried out world-wide on the topics that are central to the conference.


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