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LREC 2000 workshop

From spoken dialogue to full natural interactive dialogue.
Theory, empirical analysis and evaluation.

Preliminary Programme

Held in conjunction with the
Second International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC 2000)

Athens, Greece
Monday 29 May 2000, 8.50-13.20


Sponsored by Elsnet, the European Language and Speech Network
Endorsed by SIGdial, the Special Interest Group on Discourse and Dialogue of the Association for Computational Linguistics


9:00-9:10 L. Dybkjær Opening of workshop
9:10-9:55 Invited speaker: C. Sidner Collaborative Interface Agents: Theory and Practice
9:55-10:10 A. Ballim and V. Pallotta Semantic Filtering by Inference on Domain Knowledge in Spoken Language Dialogue Systems
10:10-10:25 S. Larsson and R. Cooper An Information State Approach to Natural Interactive Dialogue
10:25-10:40 K. Jokinen Learning Dialogue Systems
10:40-10:55 M. Koit and H. Oim Developing a Model of Natural Dialogue
10:55-11:10 N. Webb et al. Evaluating a Natural Language Dialogue System: Results and Experiences
11:10-11:30   Coffee break
11:30-11:45 J. Y. Chai et al. Evaluation of a Natural Language Dialog Based Web Navigation System - A Case Study
11:45-12.00 N. O. Bernsen What is Natural Interactivity
12:00-13.30 All Discussion

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