Terminology Resources and Computation

Call For


Held in conjunction with the
Second International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation
LREC 2000)

Zappeion Megaron, Athens, 29th May 2000
14:30 - 20:00 with intermission during 17:00-17:30


In the knowledge society in 21st century, knowledge and information have to be utilized by every person. Terminology has to be one of language resources and their application is extended from the language engineering application like information retrieval, machine translation, to the multi-lingual marketing of enterprise and the education in each country. Terminology in each domain is growing up every day. Information and Knowledge management needs the precise conceptual definition of terminology and harmonization. The technical processes for terminology study are as follows:

- To extract terms and additional data from the real usage of corpus automatically or semi-automatically,
- To consistently define while harmonization with already existing terms,
- To test in applications like information retrieval, machine translation, and language service,
- To unify, standardize or harmonize by investigating the major usage of terms and social norms,
- To synchronize by multi-lingual terminology database alignment,
- To study how to distribute the multi-lingual terminology most efficiently,
- To customize for each application and for each user,
- To collaborate with terminology organizations at regional and international levels.

Papers are solicited in the area of the terminology study, the current state-of-art in terminology databank, computational method of terminology extraction, application of terminology, thesaurus, ontology, and languages in special domain, etc.

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