Method of submission

Papers should not contain more than 2000 words. The title page must contain the title of the paper, author information (Full name, Full address, Telephone number, Fax number, E-mail), paper length in words, and up to 5 keywords paired with English and your mother language. The main pages should not contain the author information.

The authors are requested to submit one electronic version of their papers (ps, rtf, or pdf) or three hard copies.

The final version should not be longer than 4,000 words. Instructions for formatting and presentation of the final version will be sent to authors upon notification of acceptance.

Electronic submissions should be made to

Three hard copies of paper must be sent directly to the following address :

Prof. Key-Sun Choi (WTRC2000 submission)
Division of Computer Science, Dept. of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science
KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
373-1 Kusong-dong Yusong-gu Taejon 305-701 Korea
TEL +82-42-869-3565
FAX +82-42-867-3565


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