Author's kit

Three Hardcopies of your camera-ready paper must reach the WTRC Organizing Committee no later than April 30. This file is expected to contain all of special fonts. For the making all its electronic archive, you must send your original file to by e-mail.

Authors must print the attached Copyright Transfer Agreement, complete it and return it to the WTRC Organizing Committee with their final camera-ready copies. If you fail to send a signed copyright agreement, your paper will not be published in the Proceedings.

Papers should be prepared according to the following guidelines :

Paper Length
4000 words (maximum length is 8 pages.)

Style and Format
Papers must be printed single-sided in two-column format on A4 size paper.

Column Width and Margins
Margins should be set so that all text, including titles, etc.
Top Margin : 3cm
Left Margin : 2.5cm
Right Margin : 2.5cm
Bottom Margin : 3cm

The body of text should be formatted in two columns. Title and author information should span both columns and appear centered at the top of the first page. Full-width figures and tables may be used if necessary.

Font and Size
Use standard Times new roman font.
It should be sixteen-point bold type for title. Authorí»s names should appear with twelve-point bold type, along with affiliation and complete address in nine-point type.(If the title is long, or you have many authors, you may reduce the specified point sizes by up to two points.) First-level heads should be twelve-point bold type. Second-level headings should be eleven-point bold type. And text should be ten-point type.

Electronic Submissions
To aid in the creation of a permanent electronic archive of all its publications, WTRC2000 Program Committee requires electronic submission of your paper. Electronic submissions should be made to the following address:

* Do not print page numbers. Instead, please number the pages clearly on the reverse side, in pencil.

An MS-Word document template is strongly recommended.
A LaTeX style file wtrc.sty is also available.
It is intended for use with: the acl.bst BibTeX bibliography style.

Three hardcopies of your final, camera-ready paper is expected to reach at the WTRC Organizing Committee in Taejon, Korea no later than April 30, 2000.

The address is as follows:

Address: Prof. Key-Sun Choi (WTRC2000 final paper)
Division of Computer Science, KORTERM
KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
373-1 Kusong-dong Yusong-gu Taejon 305-701 Korea
Tel: +82-42-869-3565 Fax: +82-42-867-3565

** Send electronic file to **

Please refer to the registration information in
Looking forward to meeting you on 29/May, 14:30-20:00 in Athens. With best regards,
Secretariat of WTRC2000