GOPOLIS: A Multi Speaker Slovenian Speech Database

Simon Dobrisek, Jerneja Gros, France Mihelic, Nikola Pavesic

The GOPOLIS database is a large multi-speaker speech database, derived from real situation dialogs concerning airline timetable information services. It is intended to be used as a the Slovenian speech database within the SQEL project (Copernicus COP-94 contract No. 01634) for building a multi-lingual speech recognition and understanding dialog system[1]. We describe our experience in planning and collection of the database marterial. A proposed extension of the Speech Assessment Methods Phonetic Alphabet (SAMPA) to the Solvenian language is presented as well.

[1] Ipsic I., Mihelic F., Pepelnjak K., Gros J., Dobrisek S., Pavesic N., Noth E.: The Solvenian dialog system for air flight inquiries, Proc. 2nd SQEL Workshop on Multilingual Information Retrieval Dialogs, Plezen, pp. 133-136, 1997.

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